Sunday, October 19, 2008

'08 summer trip with my brother


i wonder who i was meant to be,
and realize i ask the wrong questions.
who i am is not to be compromised,
and what i do flows naturally
from my heart of deep water and mystery...
revealing myself through wandering thoughts
is not enough when my reflection fades!
darkness is unbecoming in me.

mystery is shrouded in light,
since my eyes are accustomed to darkness.


why fear darkness
when light dwells inside?
failure is never knowing how much you could have tried
risk may be deadly
but atrophy will kill you silently and without a doubt
...looks like movement is the only way out

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the ache

musings of tomorrow take hold of me today
bringing hope, fear, joy, sorrow, longing
my simple uncertainty of future is nothing
next to my deepest longings for you

problems, worries, apprehension fades into
mist while this ache for you moves restlessly
in my chest, my heart, my soul

your dwelling place in my heart
becomes more real, more fixed, more solid,
as i wait for the day that brings
your presence enveloped in my arms.

i am the wind

if you close your eyes, i am the wind
breathing, caresses
softly touching your shoulders and
gently blowing your hair
butterfly kisses on your cheek,
soft reminders of a presence unseen,
and yet still felt

if you close your eyes, i am the wind.
links to deviantart: art done by The Foski Blog


widening eyes

cloud of dew, bring reminder of old and promise of new
the only assurance is that it comes
purpose of my mind drawn out
in action or enclosed in fear?
to my words give ear
a song to which i know the tune
but with surprises i wish i knew before
or do i relish the surprise
craving the widening of my eyes
over the regularity of my heart?

the first

so, i guess i'll start this thing off with a random entry from my sketchbook.

underneath the
mirror of stars is the center,
so close, yet farther away than
a million spiraling galaxies, dancing
spontaneously in unseen revelry-
this, this is what my heart desires with
an unquenchable flame- to groan, ache,
rise against the madness within, conquer
apathy and defeat; they walk together,
hand in hand. let the flame of God burn,
devouring the frost which paralyzes the flower's
growth. let me move, animated by a pulse which
i can not fully understand, knowing only that
the rhythm i must hear, because that rhythm
drives the universe toward a goal- renewal. let me
move. let my strength be renewed by that
source of deepest mystery and profound intimacy.

heal my callous heart with your tender wounds.

heal my callous heart with your tender wounds.